Review of the Proform 505 cst Treadmill



proform 505 treadmillWhen it comes to  good treadmill brands then ProForm is one of the best names that comes to mind. They are known for making some of the most advanced yet affordable treadmills and  has now released the Proform 505 cst Treadmill. So how does this model do compared to other models and is it worth the money? Read on to find out more.


The Good


Unlike its cousin, the Proform Power 995, this model does not have enough power in the motor  to handle runners for athletes who want to use it as a training tool. This is because the model lends  more to joggers and walkers, and it does so brilliantly. This is especially recommended for women, who just want to tone the contours on their   click here buttonlegs without developing heavy muscle.


It is more geared towards people who diet and who require more physical activity as part of their regimen, or those who just want to keep fit and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. A lot of users are pleased with its quiet motor, which enables them to concentrate on other things like watching TV or talking on the phone while using the treadmill.


Tech gadgets and exercise have been great companions since they were introduced. Fortunately the Proform 505 cst is one of the few models that have the iFit Live, a program that helps you keep track of your fitness goals and helps you stay with it. You can create your  own fitness regimen, set your own goals, download variations of different workouts and track your progress. Doing it this way, it’s not just an exercise machine anymore; think of it as your very own fitness instructor.


Proform Treadmill videoThe program also contains a terrain simulator. The simulator takes images using Google maps so you can pretend you’re running on certain streets or trails. The machine even automatically adjusts its inclination to mimic the terrain on the map you’re running. This way, you can run uphill or jog across dirt roads without leaving your home. Even if you don’t have internet access at home, and therefore can’t use iFit Live, the machine is preloaded with 15 workout routines that you can use.


Joggers, especially women joggers, love to have some form of distraction while running. Proform recognizes this, and this is why they included MP3 compatibility so you can connect your MP3 player to the machine. The Proform 505 cst also comes with an Intermix Acousitcs 2.0 Sound System, which delivers a crisp and full sound quality that’s enough to rival other speaker systems. This is perfect in case you like to turn to music to make your workout more enjoyable or if you just need to distract yourself from feeling the burn of exercise.


The Bad


Another proof that the treadmill is more geared towards joggers and walkers is its shorter treadbelt. Measuring 20 inches by 55 inches, mobility is limited in this model, especially for people with long legs or long strides. In this aspect, the ProForm 505 cst is overshadowed by other models like the ProForm Pro 4500, which has a much larger treadbelt. People who are taller or have longer legs might feel a bit confined in this treadmill.


Aside from this, the only negative feedback people have given about the ProForm 505 cst is that the heart monitor is sometimes inaccurate, or difficult to use. Other than that, no other negative review has been given regarding the treadmill.


The Verdict


If you’re a runner or even an athlete that’s who is really into sports, and need an intense workout experience to keep you in top shape, then this treadmill might not be for you. With its limited motor and treadbelt, you won’t feel as if you’re giving you’re all because your strides and your speed will be limited. However, if you’re a habitual jogger or walker, or if you are in need of a physical activity to help you on your weight loss goals, then you’ll get great value for your money with the Proform 505 cst Treadmill.

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